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 Grand coat  Grand coat 
Quadruple-action formula promotes spectacular sleek, glossy and vibrant coat colour.
 £18.95  Buy Now 
 Grand Complete  Grand Complete 
Combines the most effective ingredients from our most popular products, Grand Flex, Grand Hoof Pellets, Grand Coat and Grand Vite, into a unique formulation targeting all the key areas for overall wellness of your horse.
 £42.95  Buy Now 
 Grand Flex  Grand Flex 
Helps protect against future joint problems - Grand Flex offers long-term joint support - and healthy joints means you can keep riding. Grand Flex original formula, developed in 1997, has kept thousands of horses staying active for longer.
 £48.95  Buy Now 
 Grand H.A  Grand H.A 
The first clinically proven, bio-available, Hyaluronic Acid with triple US Patented BioCell Collagen II™, 200 mg HA, 1,200 mg Type II Collagen and 400 mg Depolymerized Chondroitin Sulfate.
 £62.95  Buy Now 
 Grand H.A Synergy  Grand H.A Synergy 
The Gold Standard in joint health - Triple US Patented BioCell Collagen II™, combined with a comprehensive formula matrix - the most powerful joint care product you can buy.
 £62.95  Buy Now 
 Grand Hoof  Grand Hoof 
A healthy horse starts from the hoof up - after more than 20 years, we still get amazing testimonials on this product, and guarantee that this potent hoof formula gives you the best and fastest results.
Grand Meadows Hoof products cost less than 50p per day, comparative products are at least double this !!
 £37.95  Buy Now 
 Grand Hoof Pellets  Grand Hoof Pellets 
Still using a pelleted hoof supplement by the cup-full? New Grand Hoof Pellets has the same potent formula as our original Grand Hoof with the addition of 5,000 mg MSM in a concentrated one-ounce dosage. We believe it is the best and most cost-effective hoof supplement you can buy.
Grand Meadows Hoof products cost less than 50p per day, comparative products are at least double this !!
 £46.50  Buy Now 
 Grand Vite  Grand Vite 
A proven, comprehensive, balanced, broad spectrum formula containing over 40 nutrients designed to maximise overall performance and wellness.
 £30.75  Buy Now 
 Mega Grand Flex  Mega Grand Flex 
Mega Grand Flex is designed to help horses that have not responded to traditional ingredient levels in joint support products.
We recommend using MEGA Grand Flex when a more aggressive approach is needed.
 £57.75  Buy Now 
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