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 Demineralizer Conditioner  Demineralizer Conditioner 
Moisturises and softens. Reducestangles.Concentrated formula.
 5.10  Buy Now 
 Detangler and Shine  Detangler and Shine 
Concentrated conditioner with silk protein.Repels dirt and dust resulting in long lasting shine
 12.75  Buy Now 
 Green Spot Remover  Green Spot Remover 
Removes stable stains and wet or dried sweat instantly. Produces high shine after brushing.
 12.95  Buy Now 
 Rosewater Shampoo  Rosewater Shampoo 
Gentle fast working shampoo. Contentrated formula. Easy rinse.
 8.95  Buy Now 
 Shine Yellow Out  Shine Yellow Out 
Neutralises yellow stains with added sunscreen
 8.95  Buy Now 
 Skin Lotion  Skin Lotion 
Extra strength dry skin lotion turns skin baby soft. Quickly absorbed. Formulated for 'outdoor people'.
 7.95  Buy Now 
 Super Body Shine  Super Body Shine 
produces high sheen under the sun or show lights. Long lasting.
 12.95  Buy Now 
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