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Equine health Products
Grand Meadows continues to develop new, advanced formulas that complete a full line of products to support the health of joints, hooves, coats, and the overall well-being of both horse and rider
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Representing the equine trade
Horse Specialities distributes a range of equine and animal health products across the UK, and represents the Stephens range of equine essentials, GEL EZE products, Cowboy Magic, KM Elite products, the Sheepskin range, Genuine weaver products, a range of leather boots, Specialist bits, stirrups and leathers, Exhibitor Labs Quic products, Ezall products, a range of fly protection goods including Flypal, as well as the Grand Meadows range.
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The science behind Grand Meadows
By focusing on cutting edge manufacturing standards and formulas, we have gained the respect and trust of top professional riders, veterinarians, farriers and horse owners in both the U.S. and Europe
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Companion animal health products
Grand Meadows’ current companion animal health products include five ranges. This choice means that your dog stays fit, healthy and ready for exercise, and that his health will be optimised.
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